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YVETTE CROCKER is a self taught Artist/ Designer for 30 yrs. She has created works of art, jewelry, clothing, housewares, etc. the list is endless as she continues to create whatever her heart desires. Her resume is long. She started out working for ESSENCE MAGAZINE for 3 yrs straight.  She is now preparing for her 6th Runway show for New York Fashion Week. Her jewelry has been worn by the Obama’s and Kanye West and her artwork dons the walls of the Kardashians, Tabitha Brown and Ava DuVernay. If you met her you would never know any of this because being humble is her best attribute. Yvette is fully aware that her biggest support comes from the hardworking women of color in her home town and surrounding cities. She calls them her Butterfly Tribe. These are the women that allow her to make a living off of her creativity. Their constant support is the wind beneath her wings. Her client list is vast and her achievements  are endless. Last year her EYEWEAR and jewelry were in the pages of Glamour Magazine in the UK for 4 consecutive issues. Her biggest accomplishments are yet to come as she continues to challenge herself creatively. Yvette believes in making all of her dreams a reality. Stay with her on her creative journey so that you can have a front row seat for what’s next. 

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